Can You Freeze Cheese Successfully?


Question: My local grocery store is currently running a special on cheddar cheese. Is it a good idea to stock up and freeze it?

Answer: You can freeze cheese successfully if you’re planning to use it for cooking purposes. 

Frozen cheese will remain safe to consume, but it will typically change texture and often become crumbly once thawed, says the National Dairy Council.

For that reason, you shouldn't count on serving the frozen cheddar at your next cocktail party. But it should be fine for use in cooked dishes like sauces, soups and casseroles.

While you can freeze just about any type of cheese, the firmer varieties  —  such as cheddar, gouda and Swiss tend to come through the freezing process with the least damage to texture and flavor. For best results, keep cheese frozen for no more than 6 months.

When freezing cheese, cut it into portions no larger than 1/2 pound each, and wrap tightly in airtight wrapping or place inside a heavy-duty freezer bag. You can also grate cheese before freezing and place it in a freezer bag.

Be sure to thaw the frozen cheese in your refrigerator, and plan to use it within two or three days.

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