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Good Housekeeping


“How long can you eat those leftovers? Advice from the food safety site"



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ABC News


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CBS News


“Buying Food That's Past Its Prime”

New York Times


“How Long Can You Keep Thanksgiving Leftovers?"

Daily Mail


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Real Simple Magazine


"Ask Martha" - Mailing cookies overseas

Martha Stewart Living Magazine


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Reader's Digest


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“Ask Martha"- Storing food for the winter
Martha Stewart Living Magazine


"The definitive guide to whether or not to throw something out."
Los Angeles Times


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Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine - print edition, October 2009


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Whole Living (Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia)


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US News and World Report


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The Huffington Post


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Consumer Reports  (ShopSmart)


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Chicago Tribune


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Fitness Magazine - print edition, October, 2010


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Women’s Health Magazine - print edition, October 2009


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Shape Magazine - print edition, August 2009


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National Post


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Wired Magazine


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“StillTasty Tells You How Long Your Food Will Last”


“StillTasty tells you best way to store foods, how long to keep 'em.”


“StillTasty is a great site where you can check expiration dates to keep your family safe"

ABC News, Los Angeles


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The Village Voice


“Forever Foods”

Mother Nature Network


“How to Store Fresh Produce”

The Globe and Mail


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The Toronto Star


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